80 Group Discussion (GD) Topics 2021 (MBA): Current & Latest GD Topics with Detailed Analysis

Take a look at 80 most trending GD topics and tips to prepare for WAT-GD-PI rounds of top MBA colleges in India. Read detailed analysis of most trending GD topics for business, politics and current affairs to prepare for MBA admission 2021.

Group Discussion (GD) is a comprehensive technique to judge the suitability of an individual for admission, scholarship, job, etc. GD assesses a candidate’s overall personality – thoughts, feelings and behaviour of an individual in a group, aspects which are critical to a good manager or bad manager. Top MBA colleges in India (IIMs and non-IIMs) lay a lot of stress on GD for the selection of candidates who have the potential and temperament to be good business leaders. 

A GD is usually of 20-25 minutes wherein a topic is presented to the group members for discussion. While the discussion is going on, the panelists observe speakers for their leadership quality, communication ability, clarity of thoughts and ability to present an argument convincingly. These qualities are necessary for an individual to succeed as a manager or an administrator.

Now that the CAT 2020 result has been announced it is time to prepare for Group Discussion and Written Ability Test round of top B-Schools. The GD/WAT/PIs at top B-Schools will begin from February 2021, so get on to preparation for public speaking. The IIMs too will begin shortlisting process anytime soon.

What are the skills that are judged in a GD?

The group discussion technique is a very effective way to judge the candidate’s ability to work in a group. Given below is the list of qualities judged during a GD.

• How good you are at communicating with other

• How easily you behave and interact with the other group members

• How open-minded you are

• How flexible or rigid you are in accepting the viewpoints of others in the group

• Your leadership skills

• Your analytical abilities

• Problem-solving & critical thinking skills

• Time management skills

• Your skills at putting forth your ideas in an unbiased manner

• Social attitude and confidence

Group Discussion (GD) Topics for MBA

Here are commonly asked GD topics for MBA admission We have segregated them topic-wise. Also know how to prepare your argument on each topic.

Current Affairs

Group Discussion (GD) Topics on Current Affairs

Coronavirus: Impact on Global Economy

Importance of Statue of Unity

COVID 19: Importance on spending on Public Health

COVID 19: How India fared in fighting coronavirus compared to developed countries

Is social distancing the new world order?

Online education, work from home: Have we arrived in virtual world

Nationwide lockdown to flatten the COVID 19 curve: Dent on Economy

Coronavirus and lockdown has exposed social inequality in modern India

Citizenship Amendment Act – What and Why

How will Abrogation of Article 370 improve situation in Kashmir

Should there be a limit to Media Freedom?

Why Individual Data Privacy is important?

Is Trump creating World Trade War?

Will companies benefit from the Companies Amendment Bill?

Discuss about Union Budget India 2019-2020

Discounts on E-commerce website are harmful in the end

How beneficial is the IIM 2017 bill for students?

Is preponing the presentation date of General Budget a good decision?

Is India ready for electric vehicles?

Will De-Nuclearisation Instill World Peace?

Will fake news kill Social Fiber of India if unchecked?

Can India afford spending a fortune on projects like Mission to MARS?

Is it still too early for India to have bullet trains?

Making Aadhaar mandatory is not a good idea- for or against

Implication of State Assembly elections at the national level?

Is banning of Pakistani artists from India justified?

Modicare: Will it be an affordable healthcare project?

Implications of CAA-NCR

Doklam StandoffFarm Bill Amendement- The new agricultural bill
Atmanirbhar Bharat: Call for self relianceNEP: The new education policy
Free Speech an excuse to polariseChadrayaan-2 mission

Abstract Topics

Group Discussion (GD) on Abstract Topics

Hard Work Vs Smart Work

How important is it to be patient in Business and Management?

Work-Life Balance is a Myth

Building strategies Vs Execution

Self Motivation

First impression is the last impression

Change is the only constant

Leader Vs Follower

Friends, Enemy or Frenemies?

Innovation Vs Invention

Ethics or Profit?

Freedom: A Myth?

Thoughts on Me Too Campaign

Do we need more entrepreneurs than managers?

Can failures teach you important lessons in life?

Women are better multi-taskers- agree or disagree?


Business & Economy

Group Discussion (GD) Topics on Business & Economy

Will reduced Goods & Services Tax (GST) help the Indian economy in growing faster?

How is the falling rupee impacting the Indian economy?

How capable in India of leading Solar Energy, Wind Energy revolution?

Cashless Economy – Is India ready for it?

Is MBA necessary to be Successful in Business?

Should the Indian economy be privatized?

Can India become a $5 trillion economy by 2024?

Blockchain Technology – Pros & Cons

Views on Bitcoin/CryptoCurrency

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail sector good for India- agree or disagree?

Ways in which Technology is impacting the Banking sector

Agriculture Vs Manufacturing Industry in India

How can we control banking frauds to reduce NPAs?

Minimum Support Price: Is it a Political gimmick?

Is Globalization an Opportunity or a Threat?

How will the deal between Walmart and Flipkart impact the Indian Economy?

Will India be able to double Farmers’ Income in the next 5 years?

Is ‘Startup India’ Boosting Entrepreneurship

India V/s China: Will India remain way behind China?

How beneficial is the merger of Public Sector Banks?

Make in India campaign

High Deficit Financing V/s high interest rates: Can both go together?

Will RERA restore the trust of homebuyers?

Should Business Lobbying be made legal in India?

Demonetization: Discuss its Success & failures

Views on YONO

Is Corruption in Economy the root cause for Indian Economic slowdown?

Views on Merging the General & Railway Budget

Statue of Unity – Symbol of Pride or Wastage of Public Money?

Will Automation and Artificial Intelligence reduce or increase Jobs?
Surcharge on Income Tax (IT) for the Super-RichAll You Need to Know about Right to Information

Social Issues

Group Discussion (GD) Topics on Social Issues

Success of Swachh Bharat Mission

Smart City Project – How useful will they be?

Social Media: A boon or a bane for the society?

Is Net Neutrality essential to make India Digital?

Will Beti Bachao Beti Padhao abolish the orthodox mindset?

Crime against women

Views on Retirement Homes    

Views on Climate Change Summit

Does Browsing at Workplace affect productivity?

Should national anthem be played in cinema halls?

Rural vs Urban India

Environment and us

India needs a uniform civil code- For or against?

Give views on the present system of education in our country

Latest GD Topics

Here are some latest group discussion topics with answers to help you prepare for your GD round.

1.Jet Airways Crisis

Note: For this topic, instead of for and against points, students should present relevant points for the causes and solution for the topic.

An overview of the topic:

Jet Airways recently declared the temporary shutdown of its services in the month of April 2019. Unable to operate the company due to lack of funds, the airlines is under a debt of Rs. 8500 crores. Since January 2019, the airlines has not paid salaries to its staff.

Points for the causes of Jet Airways crisis:

  • To mark a position in the stiff competition, Jet Airways started offering air tickets at low fares. When compared to its operational costs, the expenses were more than revenue for every air ticket, and thus, started incurring losses. High fuel charges and low-ticket prices crippled the airlines gradually.
  • Poor management and timely monitoring and controlling the situation was another possible reason for the current crisis of the airlines.

Way forward:

  • Reviving the airlines with the help of some investors can help the company to get back on track.
  • Keep ticket prices and competition in check to avoid any extreme situation.

2. Should celebrities be allowed to join politics

Points for the GD topic:

  • Celebrities attract a mass following which makes it easier for them to influence peoples’ opinions and move it in the right direction.
  • They are popular and most of them are unconditionally involved in social welfares. They can be a part of politics and contribute to key issues like poverty, girl education and child marriage.
  • Celebrities are also the citizen of India and should have a right to join politics if interested and voice their opinion.

Points against the GD topic:

  • They are actors and have no real knowledge of how a country’s economy works.
  • Their popularity should not be a mere reason for them to join politics and make more money. Their knowledge and desire to do good for the country should be considered.
  • No noticeable contribution has been seen from celebrities who have previously joined politics in India.

3.New India 2022

 Points for the GD topic:

  • New India 2022, the vision of the Modi Government looks promising seeing significant improvements such as reduction in corruption. There is an improvement in the Corruption Perception Index ranking.
  • The other focus areas of New India 2022 have shown significant improvements such as reduction in black money (demonetization), and dirt-free nation (Swatch Bharat Scheme).
  • The aim of ‘Poverty free India’ seems almost achievable by the year 2022 with Modi government providing loans to needy farmers.

Points against the GD topic:

  • There is not much improvement in caste politics and looks difficult to eradicate in the promised timeline.
  • Social bans, lob lynching and beef ban have resulted in fear in minorities during Modi Government.

4.Social Media- Curse or Boon

 Points for the GD topic:

  • Social media helps in expanding knowledge to a wider audience in a cost-effective manner via posts or videos.
  • It is easily available to everyone and provides an option to voice opinions freely.
  • Many people are also contributing to the society by using social media for good cause by using hashtags or YouTube videos to either highlight a social issue or help a victim. The recent role of social media in the Arab Spring is one such example.

Points Against the GD topic:

  • Social media encourages violent behavior by easily spreading fake news that might hurt social sentiments or people of some repute.
  • Social media is misused by many people to harass others. It also promotes cyberbullying that promotes violent human behavior.

5.Industrial Revolution 4.0- Pros & Cons

 Points for the GD topic:

  • It is a collaborative era of Cyber-Physical Systems that has the potential to bring a massive improvement in the way we live.
  • It can bring advantages like building sustainable economies and transparency in governance.
  • It will bring huge digital transformation.
  • It can be utilized to provide low-cost healthcare facilities and bring improvement in other sectors as well.

Points Against the GD topic:

  • It might not be helpful for those who are not digital literates.
  • Adopting to Industry 4.0 can increase cybersecurity issues.

6. Why scams like Nirav Modi Happen with Indian banks?

 Points for the discussion:

  • There is a loophole in the quality of internal audits conducted by banks.
  • Fake LoUs (Letter of Undertaking) are not tracked easily as SWIFT is not integrated with core banking in several banks in India.
  • There is a dire need of more regulating authorities of RBI that can keep a track of such frauds.
  • Several checkpoints should be made by the Government, RBI as well as banks to prevent such huge frauds.

Note: Such topics help a hiring manager to judge a candidate’s ability to understand a problem and offer a solution to it. Your analytical and decision making skills are highlighted here.

7. For or Against Modi Government

 Points for the topic: Highlight Achievements

  • Demonetization was a welcomed step to discourage black money and reduce fake currency in circulation.
  • 4 years of Modi government brought improvement in international relationships with several countries like USA and Japan.
  • ‘Digital India’ was an excellent initiative.
  • GST was the biggest change implemented that no previous government thought of.

Points Against the topic: Highlight Failures

  • Demonetization created several issues and suffering for poor people.
  • The government failed to take serious action to resolve issues such as threat for minorities by some Hindu groups in the name of culture and cow vigilantism.

Preparing your points for these trending group discussion topics in advance can make you feel confident during the discussion. Also, don’t forget to follow the group discussion rules. Here are some useful GD tips for you.

  • Personal Interviews: 5 Situations That May Stump You
  • How to Handle Surprise Topics in GDs

Dos of participating in a GD

• Think before you speak.

• Pick up clues from the discussion and intelligently add points that come to your mind with regards to the topic, in case you don’t know much about the topic.

• Back up your points with facts and figures if needed.

• Be gentle and sure in your presentation of views.

• Speak to-the-point and make sure that you do not repeat the points.

• Be calm and composed while speaking.

• Listening to others is also an important aspect of participation in the group discussion, so listen to others.

• Have a respectful attitude towards the viewpoints of others.

• Your body language should convey your ease of behaviour.

• Sometimes the discussion may take a hostile turn. In such a case it is a good idea to intervene to make the situation relaxed. This act of yours will show your leadership and problem-solving skills.

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Don’ts of participating in a GD

• Do not initiate the discussion if you do not know the topic well.

• Do not go overboard in exhibiting your knowledge even if you know the topic well.

• Do not interrupt other members when they are speaking.

• Do not change your opinion about the topic just because most of the other participants are having an opinion different from yours.

• Do not feel unconfident if a speaker prior to you has presented the points more effectively than you. • Do not ask irrelevant questions.