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Master of Business Administration or MBA is one of the most popular post-graduate programmes in India and abroad. The two-year programme is a gateway to a plethora of job opportunities in the corporate world.

Executive MBA/PGDM

Executive MBA/PGDM is a post graduate management programme exclusively meant for working professionals who wish to upgrade their managerial skills in their field of work or industry to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment and stay relevant in the job market.

Distance MBA

Distance MBA (MBA Distance Education) is a lucrative career option for those who cannot pursue a full-time MBA programme due to many circumstances like lack of money to afford the course, work schedule etc

Online MBA

Online MBA is a convenient mode of learning especially for working professionals who look to complete their management degrees without sacrificing their jobs. In recent years, the reliability of people have increased on online MBA.

Part Time MBA/PGDM

Part Time Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally-recognised degree designed to develop the skills necessary for careers in management and business.